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Kingsburg, Nova Scotia

A site for the community of Kingsburg, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Kingsburg Nova Scotia Community Association

Naturally welcoming!

Join us in making Kingsburg a better place!

Established in 1787 and still vibrant today.
Kingsburg is a place where friends and nature mingle.
This site is intended to be a virtual meeting place for the community.

The annual membership fee of $50.00 covers the memberships of all individuals in a household who wish to be members - a registered property owner, their spouse and children, or residents who are a minimum of 19 years of age.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Kingsburg Community Association, please see the membership page for details on eligibility, rights and responsibilities, and the annual fee. 


The Kingsburg Community Association invites all members to our fourth Annual General Meeting which will be held:


When: Saturday, August 10, 2019 at 10:00am

Where: The Duckworth Real Estate Barn, 963 Kingsburg Road


The doors will open at 9:00am. Please join us for coffee, tea and muffins prepared by B By The Sea prior to the meeting.


A Membership Table will be available for those wishing to renew existing memberships or become new members for 2019/20.


For the first time the annual membership fee of $50.00 covers the memberships of all individuals in a household who wish to be members - a registered property owner, their spouse and children - or residents who have lived in Kingsburg for a period of six months within the calendar year immediately prior to the application, who are a minimum of 19 years of age.


Membership fees are payable by the following means:

· e-transfer to, OR

· cheque made payable to the Kingsburg Community Association and

o mailed to Treasurer, Kingsburg Community Association, c/o 1141 Kingsburg Road, RR#1, Rose Bay, Nova Scotia, B0J2X0, OR

o delivered to Avy Dolgoy who can be contacted at 902-766-0224 or at, OR

· cash payment to Avy Dolgoy or to the Co-Chairs of the Membership Committee, Ted Wilkins and Annette Campbell, OR

· cash or cheque at the AGM


Nominations for new Directors should be sent to Carole-Anne Mosher, Chair, Nominations Committee (camosher@eastlink.caOR 902-766-4842) prior to July 26.


AGM Agenda 10:00am – 10:35am


1. Welcome and Call to Order

2. Approval of Minutes of 2018 AGM (below)

3. Annual Report of Directors

4. Committee Reports

· Communications Committee

· Membership Committee

· Finance and Accounting Committee

o Treasurer’s Report 2018/2019

· Nominations Committee

o Election of 2019/2020 Directors

· Road Committee

· Environment Committee

· Local History Committee

5. Adjournment of AGM


10:35am - 11:00am - Future Activities Discussion

11:00am – 11:15am – Screening of a sample from interviews of residents from the original families who settled Kingsburg. This is part of the long-term project by KCA members Bill MacGillivray and Terry Greenlaw to produce a digital record capturing the memories and recollections of residents which, along with photos and old videos, will show the long, colourful and vital history of Kingsburg residents and community.



AUGUST 11, 2018


9:00-10:00am: Informal Meet & Greet

10:00am Welcome & Call to Order

Kingsburg Community Association (KCA) President, Richard Brown (RB), asked Corporate Secretary, Anne Fouillard, to confirm that a quorum was met. Anne confirmed that a quorum was met with about 100 people in attendance, mostly members.

RB called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the 3rd Annual General Meeting of the Kingsburg Community Association. He noted that the agenda was sent to all members by email with the notice of the meeting on July 10th.

RB explained that all Kingsburg residents are welcome to attend the AGM, but only paid up members can vote. He welcomed Reid Whynot, Councillor District 9, Municipality of the District of Lunenburg (MODL). He also thanked John Duckworth and Anne Fouillard for hosting the AGM again this year in the Duckworth Real Estate barn.

Approval of Minutes of KCA AGM of 2017

Anne Fouillard presented the draft minutes of the 2017 AGM and asked if there were any additions or corrections.

A member asked about the reference in the 2017 draft Minutes to the Board recommending that the MODL proceed with improving the organization of the (Hirtle’s Beach) parking lot by marking spaces and increasing the number of spaces while paying attention to any environmental issues that may arise. RB replied that the KCA did not recommend to MODL that the number of spaces be increased. A Corporate Secretary’s Note to the 2017 AGM Minutes states that “Following the (2017) AGM and based on feedback from members, the Road Committee will continue to provide input to the MODL on its plans regarding the Hirtle’s Beach parking lot with the primary focus on public safety.”

Motion: That the Minutes of KCA AGM 2017 be approved as presented, with Corporate Secretary’s Note

Moved: Ann Foster

Seconded: Carole-Anne Mosher

Motion Carried

Annual Report of Directors 2017/18

RB advised that the Annual Report of Directors 2017/2018 will be available soon to members on the KCA website. Therefore, he decided not to provide an overview of the report to allow more time for the committee chairs to report on their activities.

RB then called on committee chairs to report on their activities.

Committee Reports

Communications Committee

Heather McAllister, Co-Chair of the Communications Committee with Anne Fouillard, gave a report of the committee's work, thanked Anne for her work on the website and encouraged everyone to visit the website at

Heather introduced Sharon Chisholm, who has been the head of the Internet Divide Team, to provide an update on this issue. Sharon Chisholm provided an update on the work of the team. She advised that they are planning to make an application for funding, along with the MODL and Eastlink, to the Nova Scotia Internet Funding Trust as soon as the Province calls for applications. Funding for the installation of high-speed internet service may come from MODL, the Trust and the residents themselves. The hope is that by next year the village will be fully wired, but it is too early in the process to say with any certainty.

Membership Committee

Kathey Homer Moore, Chair of the Membership Committee, gave the report of the committee. She noted that the KCA continues to add new members, and thanked committee members John Duckworth, Annette Campbell and Carole-Anne Mosher for their efforts. She reported that membership now stands at 109 and is expected to increase again in the coming year.

Finance & Accounting Committee

RB gave the report for the Finance and Accounting Committee as Ted Price, Committee Chair, was unable to attend. The members of the committee are Ted Price, Richard Brown and Toon Nagtegaal. This year the committee developed a spending limits policy in addition to providing oversight to the Treasurer and reviewing the year end Financial Statement prior to Board approval.

RB advised that the year end Statement of Receipts and Disbursements is available to all members. The KCA continues on solid financial ground, ending the year with a cash balance of $6,727. Membership dues totalled $5,450. The largest expense ($1,395) was for the water quality test conducted last fall by the Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation. He mentioned that the Board would continue to review membership dues annually.

He reported that the Statement was reviewed again this year by accountant George Strohyl, who also filed the Association’s federal tax return. Mr. Strohyl was thanked for again providing his services to the Association on a pro bono basis.

RB advised that the KCA By-Laws provide that the year-end Financial Statement may be signed by an auditor or two directors, at the discretion of the Board. The Board decided that given the straightforward and uncomplicated nature of the KCA’s finances, an audit was not necessary. Ted Price and RB, as directors, have reviewed, approved and signed-off on the Financial Statement for the year ended May 31, 2018. The Board will consider this decision annually.

In the absence of Avy Dolgoy, Treasurer, RB gave the Treasurer’s Report. In response to a question from the floor regarding spending limits, RB advised that the following policy was adopted by the Board this year regarding approvals on expenditures of the Association: (1) The Treasurer has authority for individual expenditures up to $100; (2) expenditures between $101 and $250 require approval of the Finance and Accounting Committee; and (3) expenditures above $250 require the approval of the Board of Directors.

Motion: That the Finance and Accounting Committee Report be approved

Moved: Sharon Chisholm

Seconded: Gale Sherin

Motion Carried

Nominations Committee

Carole-Anne Mosher[DW4] , Chair of the Nominations Committee, presented the committee’s report. She advised that the committee has the responsibility of identifying and recruiting members to serve on the Board of Directors. KCA By-Laws provide that the Board of Directors shall be no less than 9 members and no more than 12. The KCA endeavours to represent all 5 of Kingsburg’s neighbourhoods on its Board. The Committee this year was comprised of Carole-Anne Mosher (Chair) and Richard Brown.

She reported that a call for nominations to this year’s Board was included in the notice of the AGM. No responses were received. The committee identified 3 members who agreed to serve on the Board for the first time: Ted Wilkins, Michael Arnoldi and Dan Wilson. These new members, if confirmed, would replace Kathey Moore, David Murphy and Jim Wooder, who are all retiring from the Board this year. (Corporate Secretary’s Note – The Board extends its deepest thanks and appreciation to Kathey, David and Jim for their dedicated and constructive service to the Board.)

The slate of Directors presented for the members’ approval for 2-year terms was: Richard Brown, Avy Dolgoy, Heather McAllister, Ted Wilkins, Michael Arnoldi and Dan Wilson.

Carole-Anne asked if there were any further nominations from the floor. None were given.

Motion: That the slate of Directors be approved as presented.

Moved: Carole-Anne Mosher

Seconded: Duncan MacLennan

Motion carried

The other Directors, who have a remaining 1-year term and will be subject to re-election at next year’s AGM, if they choose to continue to serve, are: Annette Campbell, Sharon Chisholm, Anne Fouillard, Carole-Anne Mosher, Ted Price and Debora Walsh. The Board of Directors is comprised of the maximum number of Directors provided for in the Association’s By-Laws.

Ad Hoc Committees

Road Committee

Carole-Anne Mosher, Chair of the Road Committee, gave the report on the activities of the committee. The other members of the committee are Sharon Chisholm, John Duckworth, Michael Arnoldi and Dan Wilson.

Carole-Anne reported on communication and follow-up with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (DOTIR) to ensure that missing steel grates at the end of Kingsburg Pond be replaced to address a dangerous safety issue for children.

She advised that the DOTIR has informed the committee of plans to address the pedestrian visibility issue posed by Japanese knotweed along Kingsburg Pond.

Also, the DOTIR has advised that paving of Upper Kingsburg Road is planned for 2020, with the installation of culverts and maintenance in the interim. She noted that the installation of “No Parking” signs on one side of Hirtle’s Beach Road to address emergency vehicle access is an outstanding safety issue that has been raised with DOTIR.

Lastly, she acknowledged the efforts of Sharon Chisholm, past Chair of the Road Committee, who established an excellent relationship with DOTIR and MODL over the past three years.

A number of comments were made from the floor regarding the report and road issues. It was suggested that perhaps the KCA could install “No Parking” signs. Carole-Anne responded that the Committee would consider the suggestion. Other comments focussed on the speed limit on public roads and ways to enhance compliance, limited pedestrian and cyclist visibility caused by tall grasses growing along Hirtle’s Beach Road, paving of the Rose Bay to Lunenburg road, and adherence to the speed limit on Kingsburg Beach Road.

Environment Committee

Debora Walsh, Chair of the Environment Committee, gave the committee’s report. Debora acknowledged Ted Price, former committee chair and co-chair, for his work. Debora put out a call for two more individuals to join the committee.

She acknowledged Tim Sherin, a KCA member who is a limnologist, for his help with water testing. Debora explained that once testing is completed for this year, the results will be posted on the KCA’s website. To date, the results show no significant change in the quality of the water in all 3 ponds from last year. Post-rainfall testing will be undertaken this year following a significant rainfall event.

Debora reported that the committee is discussing the issue of how to provide easier, safer access to Hirtle’s Beach by persons with disabilities with the MODL.

She advised that the committee continues to monitor scientific literature on Japanese knotweed. The KCA has installed dog waste signs around the community. Information sheets on dog waste and light pollution were available at the AGM. She noted that the committee is also considering ways to maintain the water level in Kingsburg Pond to minimize odours from rotting weeds.

Following the report comments from the floor included a question regarding water quality at Sand Dollar Beach and the suggestion that the KCA should follow-up with the MODL regarding a report that the town of Lunenburg is considering dumping its waste further from the shore with potential implications for water quality in the Kingsburg area. (Corporate Secretary’s Note – Councillor Whynot advised following the AGM that the MODL has approached the town of Lunenburg to address this issue.)

Local History Committee

Dave Murphy, Chair of the Local History Committee, gave the committee’s report. Other committee members are Cameron Pulsifer, Denis Falvey, Carole-Anne Mosher, Bill McGillivray and Terry Greenlaw.

Dave reported that information on the KCA’s website – includes a map of the area from 1787, a history of Kingsburg plus personal reminiscences prepared by Denis Falvey, many historical photos, and a copy of the original land grant.

Dave advised that Terry and Bill, who are filmmakers, have begun recordings to capture the memories and stories of some of Kingsburg’s oldest residents who have lived in the community for many generations.

Wrap Up of Reports

RB thanked all committee members and committee chairs for the work they carried out on behalf of the KCA over the past year. He then commented on the strong performance of the Board over the past year and explained that Board meetings were held regularly with committees meeting as required. The Board continues to build strong relationships with municipal and provincial staff and officials. He also noted that we will continue to identify other organizations the KCA might work with in the future.

RB thanked Anne Fouillard for her help as Corporate Secretary.

RB asked if there were any questions, clarifications or comments related to the reports.

Motion: To adjourn the AGM

Moved: Carole-Anne Mosher

Seconded: Sharon Chisholm

Motion Carried


RB declared the AGM closed and invited all members and non-members to participate in the Future Activities Discussion and hear the presentation by member Steve Herzig on ticks and Lyme disease. (Corporate Secretary’s Note - The Board thanks Steve for his very interesting and informative presentation which elicited much discussion and many questions from the audience.)




The images are largely taken by John Duckworth.  The last three are from Julia Konovalov - frequent visitor to Kingsburg.