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Kingsburg, Nova Scotia

A site for the community of Kingsburg, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Board of Directors

The Directors meet no less than four (4) times each year and elect the organization’s officers.  The officers are the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Corporate Secretary. The intention is for Board membership to generally reflect the various neighbourhoods of Kingsburg.

The  2017-2018 Officers and Directors of the KCA are:


·        Richard Brown - President

·       Sharon Chisholm - Vice-President

·       Avy Dolgoy - Treasurer

·       Anne Fouillard - Corporate Secretary


  • Annette Campbell

  • Heather McAllister

  • Ted Wilkins

  • Carole-Anne Mosher

  • Dan Wilson

  • Ted Price

  • Debora Walsh

  • Michael Arnoldi

  • Legal advisor: Jim Wooder